Nasca Plains

   Located in Peru's south coast. In this area very long lines are drawn on the ground, which look almost like some crazy giant prehistoric airport, with runways going in all directions. These Geoglyphs, which can only be seen from the air, not only include these lines, but line drawings of plants, animals and shapes. They were created by removing the dark surface rock, revealing the light desert soil underneath. The explanation of their use ranges from being a U.F.O. landing area, to sacred pathways used by the Indians in religious rituals. Some scientists believe that 1,000 years ago the Indians used the very light and strong fabric they wove to make hot air balloons, which would allow them to see the lines from the air. In 1967 scientists successfully created and flew a hot air balloon made with local materials and fabric.

The writer's dictionary of science fiction, fantasy, horror and mythology. 2014.

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